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Hypnotherapy & Couples CoachingExperienced Coaching for Communication, Compassion, and Connection
Would you like to deepen your connection with your partner?

Better Relationship Coaching in Venice, FL

Starting with individual personal development is the right step for many people, but when you and your partner are ready for change, Self-Care Center offers powerful relationship coaching sessions and direct results. The conflict that you have with others (especially your partner) usually isn’t only about them or the dynamic that you have with them.

Rather, these complications are more about yourself and the wounds you’ve each experienced, patterns that have been established, and “parts” that have been created within you throughout your life.

In SCC coaching sessions, we empower you to understand the different dynamics that are happening within you and how that influences your reactions to others. We teach you how to enhance communication, compassion, and connection with your new understanding so you can have the relationship that you dream of.

Empower Yourself with Better Solutions

What is possible from these couples coaching sessions is limitless and priceless. You’ll discover more impactful ways to communicate and accomplish your personal and interpersonal goals with less distress and struggle.

With our guidance, what once may have felt like hard, scary work actually feels like a fun new adventure. And if you are a parent, you’ll leave with tools that can cultivate a healthier life for your children forever.

Here’s what is possible when both people want this to work:

  • A deeper love than you have ever experienced in your life
  • An entirely new perspective of your partner that increases compassion and ease of communication
  • A new level of respect between you
  • A new view of everyone in your life that enhances those connections as well

Your Couples Coaching FAQs

During our time together, you will:

  • Experience the potential to eliminate the repeating patterns that create discomfort for either of you so that you can finally experience true security and love in your life.
  • Cultivate an enhanced bond and sense of being on the same team rather than fighting to get each other’s needs met, which means your needs will actually be met without struggle.
  • Learn what causes the most conflict and disconnection between people and how to stop it in order to feel a deeper connection and trust in your relationship.
  • Have a highly effective new strategy for how you can handle times when you aren’t getting what you want from your partner rather than exhaust yourself trying to read each other’s minds.
  • Be able to identify what the real triggers are for disagreements and how to reduce them or eliminate them altogether so you don’t have to experience a stressful life and instead enjoy the ease and happiness this can bring.

Our strategies are ideal for…

  • Couples who are sick of fighting or feeling complacent and want a happier relationship
  • People who are open-minded (or at least willing to consider new ideas)
  • People who want things to be fair and thoughtful (but maybe it hasn’t felt like you know how)

At least one of you will need to be willing to explore the concepts and exercises you will learn and commit to a minimum of 3 meetings. You are an active participant in these coaching sessions, and it is important for you to be involved with appropriate intentions.

As needed, we use hypnotherapy to delve into your psyche and help you reframe your understanding of yourself and your partner. Before using it, we will discuss the potential benefits of this tool with you during your session to determine its usefulness for your situation and goals.

Our office and the structure of these sessions are designed for openness and support. You can expect:

  • A welcoming, casual, comfortable, and confidential environment where you are free to share anything and also not pressured to share anything
  • A really safe, no-judgment space with the intention to deepen the connection and happiness for both partners, together and personally
  • Comfortable seats in a softly lit space (people say it feels like sitting in a friend’s living room)
  • A compassionate and relationship-focused therapeutic coach to share new concepts and exercises in a fun and enthusiastic way

Yes! We offer Therapeutic Personal Coaching sessions based on the same principles that guide our couples relationship coaching sessions. Personal change can improve your sense of self, your ability to accomplish your goals, your professional success, and your interpersonal relationships.

Yes! Heather is proud to provide guidance based on her years of experience as a successful business owner. Sessions will be customized to your personal needs and targeted goals. Explore our Therapeutic Personal Coaching page, book your session to get started, or learn more about Heather’s Masterclass for business owners. 

Intuitive, Supportive Couples Coaching

When you’re ready for meaningful change in your relationship, come to our center, where you will be heard and supported without judgment or criticism. Self-Care Center is a truly safe space for sharing your thoughts and feelings. We work to get you to a place where change can take root and you can escape harmful cycles.

At SCC, we offer individual personal development and relationship coaching services to see that your needs are met and to help you expand your capabilities and emotional bandwidth. Book your appointment today to get started and experience the improvement for yourself.