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Venice’s Destination Skin Spa & Wellness Center

because we know that self-care IS health care

Get to know the experts at the Self-Care Center

Heather Dempsey - Founder
Nancy Davan - Massage Therapist
Johanna Lynn - Permanent Make Up
Jen Fossen - Skin Care Specialist
Sheriff - Head of Security

What Our Clients Say

Amy-Jean Carlzon
Amy-Jean Carlzon
AMAZING facial and professional service. My hour was sheer bliss with experienced application and individualized assessment of my skin. It wasn't just choosing from a menu and blindly carrying out the process. This was carefully reviewing my needs and going above and beyond to make my skin glow. Long term advice and inventory of needs was also a part of this. Just wonderful.
Carla Janssen
Carla Janssen
Heather is amazing! She did a great job on my brows. I will definitely be going back!
Margaret Batson
Margaret Batson
Heather was awesome! I had a wonderful experience. I will be going back.
missy thomas
missy thomas
Very first facial and I was extremely satisfied. Heather spent time talking with me to see if I had any skin issues prior to starting. I will definitely be going back again! Thank you again.
Denise Cortes
Denise Cortes
Amazing experience with Heather. Beautiful space , very relaxing. Heather is very knowledgeable and addressed all my questions. I love that they use Yonka skin care products, Heather gave me some samples for products she recommended for my skin type. She explained what each product is meant for and how they will benefit my skin. 5 star !!
debra debaene
debra debaene
I had a wonderful relaxing session with Heather! She’s so kind and definitely has the healer touch!
Kelsey George
Kelsey George
I had my first ever reiki session with Heather and felt so relaxed afterwards. She sat with me for an additional half hour after to talk with me about what came up during the session. I can’t say enough good things about Heather and her studio!
Lin Disciullo
Lin Disciullo
I thoroughly enjoyed my facial with Heather, it was very relaxing. My skin felt so clean and the tone and color were much improved. I highly recommend her services.
Melissa “Little Nicky” Andrews-DiPietro
Melissa “Little Nicky” Andrews-DiPietro
Best facial I have ever had! Heather is very professional. She takes the time to tailor a facial that works best for your skin type. Will definitely recommend.
Jennie C
Jennie C
Greatly enjoy my facials. Definitely improves my skin.
What was the Inspiration?

A Foundation for Successful Healing

“I believe that you deserve a place where it feels safe & fun to uncover all that is within you. A place where each experience—whether it is a service, event, workshop, or homecare product (e.g. CBD, crystals, organic skincare, and body care)—will increase your best qualities and help you let go of negative patterns or feelings so you can feel more fulfilled in life.

A place you can feel nurtured by us and beautiful for being YOU. That’s why SCC was created.”

Heather Dempsey
Founder and Practitioner

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