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Energy HealingReiki Healing. Intuitive Clearing. Crystal Healing. Aromatherapy Treatments.
Combining holistic treatments and techniques to provide comprehensive energy work.

Aromatherapy and Reiki Healing in Venice, FL

Stress is one of the most common causes of illness, disease, and overall discomfort, and we’re all subjected to some manner of tension or worry on a daily basis. But rather than let it overwhelm you, explore solutions at Self-Care Center. We provide innovative, non-invasive, and natural treatments to elevate your well-being.

SCC incorporates multiple types of energy healing, such as Reiki treatments, crystal healing, aromatherapy, raindrop therapy, sound therapy, and more. All are designed to relieve tension, reduce personal turmoil, and support inner work. We use specialized techniques to apply tools such as quartz crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, essential oils, and hand-selected crystals. These offer dynamic solutions for finding balance, inner peace, relaxation, detoxification, and more.

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Benefits of Working with An Energy Healer

The not-so-positive experiences you have had in your life influence your state of being (your energy), creating blocks, imbalances, poor health, emotional pain, and other problems. Like attracts like, so your current energy/frequency/vibration level will continue to attract things that cause more of the same issues.

When you want to improve your health, emotional wellness, life circumstances, or environment, focusing on activities that balance your energy and raise your frequency is the best place to start! All of the energy therapy modalities offered at SCC do exactly that.

Some of the top health benefits of experiencing energy healing include:

  • Relieving stress and calming anxiety
  • Reducing pain
  • Lowering high blood pressure
  • Clarifying life purpose
  • Calming racing and negative thoughts
  • Overcoming emotional issues or trauma

Your Energy Healing FAQs, Answered

No, you do not! People of all faiths and belief systems have come through our doors and been able to benefit from our treatment style.

Heather herself is a skeptic, but she understands the proven scientific benefits of her energy healing techniques and appreciates that whatever works, works! When it comes to finding innovative solutions for complex personal or physical problems, we have a variety of treatments to meet your needs.

Come experience an energy work session for yourself to discover their safe, powerful impact. What have you got to lose?

Hear what Heather has to say about the use of these energetic tools:

“My opinion regarding crystal healing and aromatherapy is that because everything is energy and since our fluctuating energy can be influenced, raised, or lowered to match the most stable energy surrounding it, our body’s energy begins to meet the steady, stable vibration of the crystal/s and/or oil/s it is in contact or proximity to.

“The benefit of receiving crystal healing sessions with me is not only years of training with the best teachers in the country and a healing room full of display pieces but also a customized, incomparable session utilizing a crystal toolbox of over 100 different types of crystals (and growing). Your session won’t involve any cookie-cutter, basic placements of crystals simply because they are the same colors as a certain chakra—we will create a personalized prescription to target any and all issues (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual). You also have the option to purchase any of the crystals you’ve connected with.”

Crystal healing sessions use a specialized selection of crystals to align your energies with the stabilized forces of the crystals for personalized, improved wellness suited to your needs and desires. SCC is equipped with a toolbox of over 100 types of crystals, and no two sessions are alike. You’ll be empowered to address your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues during these sessions and even have the opportunity to purchase any crystals you connect with.

One of the real-world problems many people struggle to address is a desire to experience balance and peace. At Self-Care Center, we’ve found that one of the best ways to experience both—with lasting results—is through an Aroma Balancing Experience. Owner and practitioner Heather uses the powerful properties of essential oils and light touch to activate the natural healing energies within your body. Human physiology naturally responds to certain scents in unique ways. The oils we use are intended to support, clean, and clear your system, bolster your immune system, and so much more.

Contact us today to book your session.

At Self-Care Center, we use a wide variety of oils for specific purposes:

  • Lavender to soothe, calm, and ease feelings of tension
  • Tea Tree to protect against environmental and seasonal threats (such as allergies) and benefit the skin
  • Peppermint to clear, invigorate, energize, awaken, and relieve feelings of tension
  • Deep Blue blend for overall soothing and cooling
  • Aromatouch blend for comfort and relaxation, to lessen tension and create a soothing internal atmosphere
  • Citrus to cleanse and purify, protect against seasonal and environmental threats, and enhance cheerfulness

These are just some of the oils we use during our Aroma Balance Sessions. Many more options are available in other sessions. Additional custom-selected oils bring balance to your system, promote whole-body wellness, and support feelings of deep relaxation.

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is the Japanese word for Universal Life Energy—the energy found throughout everything in the universe. It is also a term that refers to treatment that interacts with the flow of energy, both from the universe and around and in your body.

Reiki rebalances the body physically, spiritually, and emotionally, finding where energy is needed most and transferring it there. Reiki is used successfully in all types of healing—physical, emotional, and spiritual. We incorporate Reiki into our intuitive reading sessions and crystal healing sessions.

Reiki helps manage, reduce, or eliminate physical pain, stress, and tension. Reiki can increase the effectiveness of modern medical treatments and speed up the recovery from surgery. At the Master/Teacher level, a Reiki session can be done, either in person or from a distance, giving you the added benefit of convenience and greater access to valuable support.

Some specific, targeted examples of what Reiki can accomplish include:

  • Relieve stress
  • Lower high blood pressure
  • Lower rapid heart or respiration rates
  • Reduce pain
  • Help insomnia
  • Calm anxiety
  • Help overcome emotional issues or trauma
  • Clarify life purpose
  • Help reduce the need for medication

But this list only scratches the surface of what Reiki can offer. If what you need isn’t on the list, contact Heather to learn more! Very likely, a Reiki session will be able to help in one way or another.

At the Master/Teacher level, a Reiki practitioner can perform sessions either in person or from a distance, giving you the added benefit of convenience and greater access to valuable support.

Distant/Proxy Sessions are just what they sound like: Reiki energy work sessions performed at a distance, without you having to come to the office or even be in the same city, state, or country. They can be done anytime throughout the day or night—even while you are busy at work, sleeping at home, or just chilling on the couch.

Energy work is about intention, and trained Reiki practitioners understand the techniques necessary to provide effective treatment for clients without regard for proximity. Hear Heather personally explain how remote sessions work and can provide you with energy work benefits in this video.

With a distant session, you will receive an email, video, or voice clip summary of what came up during the session. If you add crystal healing to the session, Heather will send a photo of the layout as well for your benefit.

If you don’t have a preference for when the service is to be provided, we may have more availability than what shows on our booking calendar. Feel free to reach out to discuss this. Contact us or text Heather for a fast response at (941) 275-9890.

Connect With Your Energy & Physiology

Even when you take care of your physical condition with vitamins, food, and sleep, stress can persistently make you unwell and negatively affect your overall health. Advanced energy healing techniques provide a restorative solution that aligns your mental intentions and promotes your holistic wellness.

These techniques also act as a powerful foundation for inner work and other therapies or medical treatments. Book your appointment today to experience the benefits for yourself!