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Client Before + After Pics(with their consent)

Explore Our Customized Facial FAQs

It all begins with a thoughtfully thorough intake, which we evaluate prior to your arrival so that we are best prepared for your session. During your first facial appointment, you can expect …

  • A customized consultation to help pair your skin’s unique qualities with the perfectly prescribed treatment plan. This includes both a short-term and long-term goal determination and plan of action.
  • Introduction to relaxation (ambiance, comfort), settling into the facial nest, music and lighting selection, aromatherapeutic centering with birch water essence or yonka signature essentials, and aromatherapeutic warm towels throughout to soften the skin, relax the body, and truly unwind during the treatment.
  • Custom double cleanse for your skin’s unique needs to remove makeup and balance the skin’s pH levels.
  • Exfoliation to remove dry surface skin, remove dirt, clear pores, and maximize your product’s effectiveness (up to 4 levels).
  • Enhanced exfoliation such as dermaplaning, peels, and/or micro-dermabrasion can be added here.
  • Customized treatment mask for a smoother, softer, revitalized complexion while receiving the ultimate tension-melting upper body massage.
  • Enhancement of LED light therapy can be added here as well to induce collagen production in your skin and produce that plump, lifted look.
  • Custom blended serum, moisturizer application / continued relaxation massage, and hydrating + rejuvenating serum that will soften the appearance of stubborn wrinkles.
  • Lip-enhancing moisturizer for soft, nourished lips when needed.
  • Re-Awakening to prepare you for re-entering the world, followed by an application of sun protection.

Your session will be finalized with a personalized review for aftercare/home care and a profile update for future sessions.

Yes! Amplify the result of your facial by adding enhancements such as:

  • Specialty Peels & Masks
  • BioRePeel TCA peel
  • High-Frequency Treatment
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Gua Sha Massage
  • Dermaplaning & Peel
  • Microneedling or Nano Channeling
  • Microcurrent or Radio Frequency
  • Ultrasound Technology
  • Microdermabrasion
  • LED Light Therapy

Learn more about these treatment options on our facial enhancements, corrective facials, and microneedling pages.

Prices can be provided after a brief verbal consult either via phone, Zoom, or in person. Sessions begin at $140. Or, feel great AND save by joining the Skincare Club or purchasing an Advanced Treatment Plan.

Get in touch with Self-Care Center and ask how you can get a FREE facial.

At SCC, we appreciate that some people like to pick a certain kind of treatment and know what they’ll receive before they come in, and that is fine, too! If that’s you, here are some of the options we offer:

  • Jet Plasma Facials
  • STEMFACIAL® Microneedling
  • NanoChanneling w/ Pure Hyaluronic or STEMFACIAL® serum
  • Geneo+U Oxygen Facial
  • Calmessense to soothe sensitivity and calm redness
  • High Frequency and Blue Light Acne Treatment to help the skin heal
  • Illuminating Anti-Aging Arctic Berry System for younger-looking, more radiant skin
  • Vitamin C Collection for brightening and fighting antioxidants to improve the appearance and reduce free radical damage

Explore our advanced corrective facials page to learn more about the specialized technologies we offer to support our custom facials.

Yes! We offer a “bacial”—also known as a back facial. This treatment is specifically formulated for your back, and it consists of deep cleansing, exfoliation, and extractions and ends with a detoxifying or extra hydration mask.

Back facials use many similar techniques to treatments on your face. Generally, our back facials start with a deep steaming and cleanse designed to open the pores and soften your skin. One of the great benefits of a back facial is to get rid of back acne and treat a variety of skincare concerns. Back facials are also great to help ease tension and exfoliate and hydrate dry skin on your back.

We offer a variety of Advanced Treatment Plans to help you accomplish targeted skin goals on a structured basis. Some of our most popular treatment plans include:

  • Timeless – Smoothing, Tightening, Lifting (Collagen Induction Therapy w/ Stem Cell & Hyaluronic Acid)
  • NanoChannel or Microneedling
  • Jet Plasma Pen
  • Deep Firm
  • Detox – Dermaplane, Peel, and Gua Sha
  • Spotless and Bright – Pigmentation Treatment
  • Clear Skin – Clear, purify, and soothe troubled skin

These sessions include specialized combinations of facial enhancements, are performed on structured timelines to improve overall results, and include special savings.

Book a custom facial session to discuss the potential of these plans for your needs and start your journey to healthier skin.

For More Information on Plans and Pricing CLICK HERE

Advanced Treatment Plan Terms & Conditions:

Services are packaged and priced according to maximum results. If treatments are not received within the time designated to them, guest understands that they may be forfeiting the remaining services. This decision is at the sole discretion of Self-Care Center Staff. No refunds.

Enjoy regular, therapeutic skin maintenance and longer-lasting skin health results when you take advantage of our VIP Skincare Session Club membership. These sessions are designed to provide consistent improvement with periodic treatments. Members enjoy Signature Facial Alchemy Sessions or Advanced Results Facials customized for their unique skin type, concerns, and desired outcomes.

Included in your membership:

  • Free SCC Facial Alchemy session every month
  • FREE upgrades when new treatments are added to the menu
  • $20 toward any additional facial services received at SCC
  • 20% savings on homecare products
  • 20% off enhancements
  • Discount opportunities for advanced treatment plans
  • And a $25 gift certificate to share with a friend we haven’t met yet

Membership for our VIP Skincare Session Club is $130 per month.

VIP Membership Terms & Conditions:

  • VIP Members may purchase an unlimited number of gift cards and receive a 10% additional value credited to their account
  • Members can bring an unlimited number of guests at 10% OFF
  • Members can cancel anytime after 6 months (with 30 days’ notice)
  • Each month refreshes—sessions and monthly offerings do not roll over
  • Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable
  • A membership may be placed on hold for one month and a maximum of three months with a $25 monthly service charge. Placing a membership on hold is completely at the discretion of Self-Care Center.
  • Early cancellation is at the sole discretion of Self-Care Center. If granted, one more cycle of billing will be processed in addition to the previous discount amounts
  • Guests must follow Self-Care Center’s rules and regulations
  • Self-Care Center reserves the right to refuse or discontinue services for any reason and to modify/change spa rules, regulations, services, and pricing with reasonable notice
  • No refunds

We offer our VIP Skincare Session Club and Advanced Treatment Plan as ways to help clients see improved results from consistent skincare. By reserving these treatments ahead of time, we are able to offer clients a discounted price with the added benefit of speeding up results.

Skincare is a lot like exercise. You need a consistent routine to see long-lasting results, and what you do after treatment impacts the time and effort you’ve invested. Our subscriptions and memberships not only save you money but also help you commit to a long-term skincare routine that yields true results.

We are more likely to follow through on goals when we have someone supporting us or holding us accountable. Heather has witnessed so many clients shed stress on the treatment table and find such deep relaxation they swear they’ll start doing it for themselves once a month, minimum. But even when they book follow-up appointments, they end up moving it out a few weeks and again a few more weeks, and when they finally come in again, they swear they can’t let it be so long in between again.

We want to lovingly hold you accountable to nurture yourself as much as you deserve. Our subscriptions and memberships are just one way we make it easier to commit to self-care.

Heather likes to put it this way:

“If the experience isn’t important to you—if the vibe, having peaceful surroundings, and a thoughtful and professional esthetician doesn’t matter, or if your only interest is getting the service done—you can pay less to get it done in a lot of other places.

“But here at SCC, we take skincare to a whole new level, a more wholesome, deeper level. There can be more to skincare than just healthier skin. That is what you’ll experience at Self-Care Center, and we find that our clients feel holistic skincare is as important as we do. ♡”

Experience Consistently Better Skin

At Self-Care Center, our goal is to help you take care of yourself. It’s easy to keep putting yourself and your personal care last when you’ve never successfully done it before. Rely on our expertise and enjoy the benefits of our expertly guided skincare routines, including improved overall health, quality mental rest, and greater confidence.

Book a Facial Alchemy Session today to reserve a skin consultation and start your journey to stronger, healthier skin.